Mission Statement

   Our primary objective is to continuously produce premium-quality chocolates which meet the consumers’ demands in every respect as well as comply with the requirements of food hygiene.  Perfect chocolates demand the finest ingredients.  For this exact reason, we use only premium couverture chocolate with 100% cocoa butter content, provided by the French Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Cacao Barry, and the Belgian Callebaut chocolatiers--the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer companies.  We procure our diverse topping ingredients through carefully chosen German, Italian, and French suppliers.

    During our business activity, we apply stringent standards & strict requirements to make sure that our food products meet both the official regulations and the customers’ demands.

   When we create our award-winning gourmet, hand-crafted chocolates in the spirit of making no compromises, we use exclusively premium high-quality ingredients; furthermore, to avoid the mass-production process, we prepare and package each & every of our chocolate varieties with our bare hands.

   We pay special attention not only to using the best-quality ingredients, but also to producing a breath-taking, unique, and highly impressive appearance during the process of placing gourmet, unique toppings on our chocolate bases--which by now has become one of our distinctive trademark features.

   Our basic idea of striving for perfection & making no compromises can be detected in all stages of the production: from the point of obtaining the ingredients through all the steps of manufacturing to the delivery of the finished product.

   Being innovative is not only a pursuit, but an essential aid for us: This is how we can remain one step ahead of our business competitors, and this quality also ensures the constant improvement of our award-winning product.

   We provide training for our workers on a regular basis to aim at keeping these standards so that every one of our amazing, diligent employees can identify with the above-mentioned principles and do their job accordingly.