Raw Materials

70-72% Dark Chocolate from Venezuela

Venezuela is a country of contrasts--a roller-coaster of snow-peaked mountains & lush jungles.  This extraordinary chocolate is made with blends of the cocoa breeds Criollo and Trinitario.  The hints of black olives mix with undertones of wood in this insane combination--all without any signs of lecithin.

Valrhona 66% Dark Chocolate

In this marriage of the highest quality dark chocolates, the cocoa flavor merges with intense tones of hazelnut and a dash of cinnamon--only to finish off with an acidic, red fruity aftertaste. 

Dark Chocolate with Sweetener

Without added sugar, the basis of our new chocolate collection is a harmonically-rich Belgian chocolate with a complex savor made of hand-selected cocoa beans, 53.9% cocoa solids, 100% pure cocoa butter content, bourbon vanilla, and the sugar substitute maltitol.

41% Milk Chocolate

The Arriba cocoa bean is exclusively grown only close to the equator high in the Andes Mountains.  Due to the combination of unique climate & rich soil, the beans have a highly distinctive aroma with a 41% cocoa content.  This milk chocolate surprises with its intense cocoa body--unmistakably Arriba--and fruity flavors. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess & milk; it even reveals subtle hints of exotic herbs & spices.

White Chocolate

Callebaut White Chocolate rich in Bourbon Vanilla with a 100% cocoa butter content is made from specially selected cocoa beans. Creamy milk is enriched with the highly distinctive flavour of luscious vanilla. The final result is a soothing harmony in the mouth.


Valrhona 32% Blonde Chocolate

After the well known dark, milk and white chocolates, the highly renowned French Valrhona chocolatier created a fourth one--blonde chocolate.  With its wheat-like hue, it falls between the milk and white chocolates in color; in taste, it's closer to the latter with a high note of elementary caramel.  The relative obscurity of the blonde chocolate is mostly due to the difficulty of the production process: it takes a lot of skill & knowledge to caramelize the sugar involved without burning the added milk powder.

Pistachios from Bronte

Consumers with the finest taste all know that the best pistachio of the world comes from Sicily--from a town with 20,000 inhabitants called Bronte (located near Mount Etna).  The pistachio nuts from Bronte are quite special: They are harvested only in every second year.  The kernels are rather large & elongated, with a bright emerald green color & intense scent.

Grounded Coffee Beans from Ethiopia

The hand-picked Ethiopian Yirga coffee beans are not called "the diamonds of coffee" by accident.  They simultaneously carry the berry fruit flavors & lemony aromas which--mixed with characteristic acids--literally dominate the taste buds.

Freeze-dried Fruits

Lyophilization (or freeze drying) is a water removal process typically used to preserve perishable materials, to extend shelf life, or make the material more convenient for transport.  The process works by freezing the material, then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.

There are two main advantages of freeze-drying compared to other traditional drying methods. First, no considerable amount of heat is used; therefore, heat doesn’t damage the valuable substances of the material.  Vitamins don’t become dissolved, the product retains its color & taste, and the fructose content doesn’t become destroyed either.  Second, during the freeze-drying process, there is no form of liquid water; therefore, no evaporation occurs.  Valuable substances such as the nutritional content don’t leave the fruit with the evaporating water, but rather remain entirely in the fruit.

Candied Rose Petals

The taste of the rose flower is exactly like its scent!  It's amazing how the fragrance of the rose appears as a flavor in the mouth cavity.  We import this special premium product from France.

Candied Violet Petals

It's no surprise that one of the favorite snacks of Sissy, Empress of Austria (Elisabeth of Bavaria, also Queen of Hungary) was candied violet petals.  Its overpowering, sensually aromatic sweet flavor matches many delicacies, and its scent can bring magical springtime to the room in an instant!


In their outside appearance, pecans resemble walnuts, but their inner characteristics are different: they have a sweeter, more aromatic flavor.  Pecans are considered an ideal food because they contain most of the substances that the human body requires to function well. Putting pecans on top of a chocoMe table chocolate will make it an even more ideal snack for you!

Piemonte Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy, are considered to be the best in the world not merely by us, but also by chefs of prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants as well as the best confectioners & chocolatiers in the world.  These aromatic nuts are solely cultivated on the slopes of Mount Langhe--where the rich soil, the everlasting sunshine, and the salty winds of the sea are grooming them to culinary perfection.
Their creamy, velvety flavour is impossible to confuse with any other kind of hazelnuts and this makes it an ideal match for our exquisite chocoMe chocolates!

Almonds from Avola

The city of Avola, in the southeast reach of Sicily, has made a mark on the map of world gastronomy with its exceptional almonds.  The annual 2,600 hours of sunshine, the seaside climate, and the calcium-rich soil result in a specially shaped almond with a truly unique flavor.  These almond pieces are bigger, flatter, and softer than the everyday kind with a sand color and a high oil content. 

Sea salt with Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian vanilla-flavored sea salt, when used properly, can trigger an ecstasy of the taste buds. We like it combined the most with caramel chocolate pastilles, salty caramels, and our delectable pecan truffles...You certainly won't be disappointed! 

Bergamot Peels

Thanks to its characteristic fragrance, the bergamot from Calabria is used mostly in the perfume industry; in this instance, we have paired its fruity peel with chocolate!  The plant has a pleasantly citrus-like, fresh, slightly flowery smell--which forms an unforgettable pair with the Venezuelan chocolate specialty.