chocoMe Raffinée 1 kg Milk Chocolate Top 50 Foods in the World

chocoMe Raffinée Milk Chocolate "Top 50 Foods in the World" (1 kg)

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This 1 kg (1000 g or 35.27 oz) chocoMe Raffinée truffle/bonbon chocolate variety consists of Piemonte hazelnuts covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee & hazelnut-flavored milk chocolate.

We tuned this 41% milk chocolate creation to perfect harmony with finely ground Harrar arabica coffee from Ethiopia and silky smooth hazelnut cream.  We cast the world-famous hazelnuts from Piemonte into the embrace of this exciting chocolate mass.

This amazing & unique chocoMe concoction was awarded "Top 50 Foods" in the world by the universally-known Academy of Chocolate.